Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow, Shwekey, Wow

Tonight was a historic and great-feeling night in my town of Efrat. Four thousand people came out to see Jewish music superstar Yaakov Shwekey in concert. Children and adults, civilians and soldiers. Teens were dancing. Parents had kids on their laps or on their shoulders. A zillion digital cameras captured the scene. Everyone was swaying to the music and singing along. Imagine 4000 people singing together. It felt like enough to bring Meshiach. (Okay, maybe next time.)
Buses came from all over the Greater Jerusalem area, and we Efratians were proud to show off our town a little.
There were 100 soldiers of the Kfir and Nachshon Brigades invited to the performance. And there were especially honored guests representing the Shayetet (Israeli Navy special units).
The show was everything we had hoped for. The venue - in the darkness of a giant open space in the south eastern part of Efrat - was mysterious and magical. An evening in the "country".
The phenomenal performer Aharon Razel surprised everyone by opening for Shwekey. What a way to start the evening!
Then Yaakov appeared on stage. He was fabulastic. The lights shown red, green, yellow, purple. The music filled the hills of Judea all the way to Eastern Gush Etzion. Energy, enthusiasm, great tie :), and a magnificent voice, coming straight from the soul. I think for everyone, the highlight of the evening was when he called up some of the chayalim (soldiers) in the audience to sing with him. They sang "Im Eshkechach Yerushalayim," (If I forget thee O' Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning...) Psalms 137:5
They showed us again the concept, the hope, that is paramount in all of our hearts, especially our soldiers - Jerusalem, our Eternal Capital.
Suddenly fireworks filled the air. Wow. What a perfect way to end a perfectly explosive evening.
Sponsored by Mekor Rishon, the Shwekey Concert was produced by Efrat's Yechiel Fishman with terrific cooperation from all kinds of places, including the Efrat Local Council, Efrat Community Center, and even the local bus company.
Don't miss these video clips of the incredible evening on Voices TV - WOW! Shwekey
Shwekey and IDF Soldiers
Shwekey - Shema Yisrael

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