Friday, June 4, 2010

Media Trying to Set Up Israel as the Bad Guys..Again

I'm a busy girl, and I don't have time to sit in front of my computer and watch videos. When I'm on my computer, I work.
But Shabbat is nearing and this video-overload week is coming to an end. I pray we enter the Sabbath peacefully, IY"H. I do not recall any event that was so visually recorded as the flotilla showdown. I have seen long shots, close ups, overheads of the Mavi Marmara ship. I have seen Arabs and Hamas-supporters: condemn Israel and its Navy, call for the Holocaust to continue, demand the destruction of Israel, and in frenzied hysteria call a Jewish boy, "murderer".
I have also had the privilege to watch the Jewish teenager who marched alone in front of Los Angeles' Israeli Consulate in support of Israel; the clever "We Con the World" video by Caroline Glick's website, and more.
Condemnation of Israel exploded with unbridled hatred. Then the videos of the real attack with guns, knives, metal rods against Israeli soldiers started getting around. And really, what can you say when you see the truth. When asked, "How do you know the ship was armed?", the LA boy said, "I watch the news. I am an informed person."
If you're an honest person, once you watch the videos of the take-over of the Mavi Marmara, there's no way you can condemn Israel for trying to save its soldiers. Then again.
The New York Times wrote today, "Israel maintains its commandos opened fire Monday as a last resort after they were attacked, and released a video showing soldiers in riot gear descending from a helicopter into a crowd of men with clubs. Three or four activists [my emphasis] overpowered each soldier as he landed. "
The NYT writer saw the video clips too. Why doesn't he say they were attacked? He says that Israel maintains they were attacked. This media is giving the message, "Well, if you believe Israel, then..."
All of this would die down, because truthfully, there's all kinds of news all over the world, and there's no new footage of the ship, so ....on to the next international crisis.
However, the Rachel Corrie ship to Gaza is due to arrive today, perhaps it has arrived as we speak. It's a half hour to Shabbat, and I haven't heard that it has arrived yet. But even the name "Rachel Corrie" gives me the heebie jeebies. The media in referencing "Rachel Corrie", explains that she was an activist crushed by an Israeli tractor trying to stop Arab homes from being demolished.
Unfortunately, the truth is no longer remember, so whatever the media writes is the message.
But take a look at the real Rachel Corrie.
In a letter on Israel National News in 2007 by Dr. Steven Plaut, the real Rachel Corrie is described. "She was trying to prevent the demolition of tunnels used to smuggle weapons for Palestinian terrorists seeking to murder Jewish civilians. The International Solidarity Movement, or ISM, to which she belonged openly endorses Palestinian "armed struggle" against Jewish children and civilians and openly collaborates with terrorists . It has hidden wanted terrorists and their weapons in its offices. It is an accomplice in murder. Two Arabs who entered Israel under ISM auspices blew up a Tel Aviv pub and murdered Jews. Lying is not the best way to drum up sympathy for your dead daughter.
Your daughter was in Rafiah in the Gaza Strip to serve as a human shield to defend and promote Palestinian terrorism. When you yourselves were nearly kidnapped in Gaza last year, you were there for the same reason. You pretend that your daughter died trying to protect an "innocent house." You are lying again. That "innocent house" she was protecting was camouflage for a not-so-innocent terrorist smuggling tunnel, and the residents of that "innocent house" knew all about the tunnel. Explosives and arms were being smuggled by terrorists through that tunnel to commit mass murder."

The world media wants to reinforce Israel's [unfounded] guilt on the Mavi Marmara (and anywhere else), and is setting the world up for another David and Goliath story (where the roles are reversed), where a ship (named after an "innocent" murdered girl) is denied access to a suffering people.
It's all bunk.
Don't believe what the media writes. Do your own research. Take five minutes every time you read something, to find the truth. Five minutes. Find the truth. The media many times gives a slanted lieing message, especially when Israel is the subject. You search for the truth!


  1. Israel National News reported that some of the passengers of the ship WANTED to be shahids and kill Israelis and themselves:
    MEMRI's report showed that many of the participants expressed willingness to die before embarking on their journey to Gaza, and several had written their wills.

    Two of the passengers were Egyptian members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group banned in Egypt over its support for terrorism,

  2. Their hatred is eternal, until Moshiach.