Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy Week - Simchas

B"H, it's been a busy week here in the Holy Land. My daughter, like other 12th graders, graduated from Ulpana (girls' religious high school) last night.
The evening was casual, but filled with content - a few rabbinical speeches, a parents' representative and a senior class rep.
There was the mandatory power point with the girls on their tiyulim (trips) and having fun in school. (Of course, no studying photos. :) ) Then they received their graduation diplomas along with a siddur (prayer book), which hopefully they'll use every day until they replace it with a personalized one bought by their future husband, IY"H.
These Ulpanistiot (high schoolers) are all set with their plans for next year - all planning on an activity that will benefit the nation. The majority are doing national service in schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations and community centers. Some will become chayalot (female soldiers) in the education corps of the Army. And others will continue their Jewish education at one of the many midrashot in Israel.
The girls were so enthusiastic and happy when they received their diplomas. They cheered for one another and everyone in the school.
We wish all these lovely young women, all graduates of Ulpan, Yeshiva High School and high schools throughout Israel a hearty mazel tov. The nation will soon be in your hands. We pray that you take the faith, the giving-attitude, and the knowledge you have acquired to help Israel find its way on the path toward Ahavat Achim (love of one's brother) and Geula (Redemption).

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