Friday, June 11, 2010

Real Men Dance Together

They're doctors, lawyers, judges, rabbis, teachers, bankers, insurance brokers and everything in between.
They're the men of Alon Shvut and they're hooked on dancing.
Gush Etzion, home to the hit dance extravaganzas Dames of the Dance, is known for its talented dancing women. But outside of the Gush Etzion town of Alon Shvut, not many people know that Alon Shvut men are talented on the dance floor.
They dance for the town on Purim, Independence Day and all kinds of community-wide celebrations. Today they danced up a storm to honor Alon Shvut's 40th anniversary.
The origins of Alon Shvut's dancing dudes vary according to whom you ask. Either they began dancing about five years ago when today's 20 year olds were teenagers, and they decided to take to the dance floor in Bnei Akiva. Or they began dancing at the smachot (happy occasions) of their friends.
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Regardless their legendary beginnings, Alon Shvut men are taking the dance world by storm :)and creating a tradition that's fun and exciting for the entire town.
At tonight's 40th anniversary celebration, Alon Shvut's children and adults twirled and jumped and thrilled a cheering crowd. In Alon Shvut, real men dance together!!
Join Voices' Gush Etzion-TV for a look at the dancing sensations of Alon Shvut:

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  1. Here is the true story. A few years ago, maybe two or three, the boys in the bnei akiva shevet who are now 20 years old, decided to dance during the alon shvut purim adaloyada parade. rutie ben-david choreographed a fun 'cowboy dance" for them, and it was really well-received and fantastically fun. so they've danced each year in the adaloyada since then. This year however, because of bad weather, for the first time in alon shvut history our adaloyada was done indoors. the boys did their dance as usual, but there was also an amazing surprise for everyone! the over thirty men also did a really cute dance, entirely organized by Avi Shmidman, and (this part I have to check, but I'll say it anyway) with help from a "Raise Your Spirits" choreographer, Tamara Spitz. It was so much fun on purim, they did it again on Yom haTzmaut in the giant tekes we have each year, (different men danced, although there was a bit of overlap, such as Avi shmidman and Bentzi spitz) and then for a third time, at our 40th birthday tekes this past thursday evening. I say kol ha cavod to them, and they should go from strength to strenth, and "never stop dancing!"