Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helping Expand Your Child's Language Skills

A while ago, there was a lecture in Efrat on bi-lingualism. Since I have tried to make sure that all my children and grandchildren are totally bi-lingual, this was a lecture tailor-made to my interests. Unfortunately, I had a conflict that night and missed the lecture.
So, this week, when Esther May (top left), MA, CCC-SLP, a certified speech and language pathologist spoke about expanding your child's language skills, I marked it on my calendar right away.
The lecture, sponsored by Efrat's social services department, and organized by Sharona Blank (left), was fascinating and funny. Esther May taught a packed library audience solid things that parents could do to help their children develop language skills.
Among her suggestions were:
** Talk to your child.
** Look at your child when he is talking.
** Ask your child questions.
** "Tape recorder" talk when your child is in the room so that he hears language. You can even talk to yourself, as long as he'll hear. "What shall we make for dinner? Macaroni and cheese? Let's get a big pot. Let's fill it with water."
** Let your child hear adults speaking, so that he'll hear correct sentence structure and the give-and-take of real conversation.
** You can speak in any language - Hebrew, English, Heblish.
** The more you speak to your child, the more he'll speak.
** Get off the cell phone and the computer, and talk to your child.
Voices TV filmed Esther May's very informative presentation. See the video clips below, and then go TALK TO YOUR KIDS!!


  1. An important thing is not to talk down to kids. Also speak in first person not third. Kids can absorb lots of languages simultaneously.

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