Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stand by Your (Navy) Man

The world condemnation of the Israeli Navy, and Israel in general, after the flotilla fiasco a few days ago, is rabidly growing. All over the world demonstrations are being held against Israel. No, they're not screaming, "Down with the Israeli Navy." They're screaming, "Down with Israel."
Hopefully by now, everyone has seen the video of the brave high school boy who marched alone in front of Los Angeles' Israeli Consulate to stand up for Israel when Arabs were wildly chanting for its demise. Anti-Semitism Deluxe.
Well, last night at junctions all over Israel, supporters of the Army, the Navy and all the men in uniform rallied to tell our servicemen that we stand behind them in these difficult times.
Here in Gush Etzion, residents of the region met at the Gush Etzion Junction, raising the banners of dozens of IDF units serving throughout the country. We support the Navy's Shayetet 13, but we stand beside all our soldiers who are doing their rightful job, defending the Jewish people from the enemy.
I don't have to write here that the Arabs and provacateurs on the floatilla were armed, that they were shooting at Israeli soldiers, stabbing them, hitting them with metal bars and everything they could find on board. Everyone knows that already. If you're not informed, click here:
Tonight in Efrat, there will be the most historic concert ever held in Gush Etzion.
Yaakov Shwekey will be performing for thousands of people in an outside theater in Efrat.
Shwekey will be honoring 100 soldiers from Kfir.
He will also be honoring Naval representatives of the Shayetet.
It's going to be a night to remember for all the positivity that will abound. I'll keep you posted when I get back.
Now, I've got to change my shoes.
Voices TV will be showing a video of last night's rally. Keep checking or keep reading this blog for an update.

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