Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floatilla PR Victory

It doesn't matter what really happened on the sixth floatilla ship bound for Gaza. It doesn't matter if Arabs and violent ship passengers attacked Israeli soldiers with metal weapons or even stole the Navy officers' guns. http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=2323 No one really cares.
"Evil Israel boarded boats filled with school supplies and food and killed a dozen people." We're back to the portrayal of those blood-thirsty crimes-against-humanity Israelis again.
Wow, friends, this is yet another case of the Arabs' fabulous PR. They're absolute PR geniuses. No matter what the situation, the Palestinian Authority and its representatives are able to turn every situation to their favor and gain the sympathy of the world.
The UN, as well as every nation, accepts with unwavering devotion the PA version of every story, no matter what the truth is.
As one of the floatilla organizers said, before departure. "If we make it to Gaza, we're heroes." "If we're stopped, we're heroes." "If we're beaten, we're heroes." "If we fight back, we're heroes." No matter which way the story plays out, he said, the floatilla folk are heroes.
Israel really must find the name of the PA's public relations agency, and hire them. Then maybe we'll get some positive coverage in the New York Times and CNN. That would be a great switch.

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