Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Terrific Commercials – Stuff to Think about & Laugh about (#2)

The New York Festival 2009 featured some really terrific, thoughtful and funny commercials.
Of course, the TMobile commercial with everyone dancing in the train station was a Gold Medal winner. There’ve been many since then – folks dancing in train stations, malls, plazas all over the world. How come they never dance when I’m around? Well, you never know.
A Monster phone ad features storks flying through rain, snow, sleet, through treacherous mountain passes, and fighting all kinds of elements and animals in order to deliver their little babies to their rightful owners. Then the ad fasts forward and the stork has returned 25 years later to see if their “package” has reached its potential. Makes you wonder what your stork would think, eh?
The Dove Self-Esteem Fund wants women the world-over to be happy with themselves just as they are, instead of looking toward an ideal that is impossible to attain.
They photograph a plain girl whose make-up is retouched, whose hair is spiffed up. After the photography session, her face is further improved with the Photoshop graphics program. Her eyes are enlarged, and her lips are luscious-ified. She gorgeous, and she’s not real. Dove wants all of us to be real, and satisfied with whom we really are.
One more. My daughter always tells me to lock my cellphone’s keypad. She says that I’m probably calling all kinds of folks that I don’t even know. I always respond, “That’s impossible.”
Well, would you believe there was a commercial on locking your cellphone’s keypad.
A son is gardening when his phone rings. The ID says it’s his Dad. The voice on the other side says, “Son, I have something to tell you. I’m not your real father. Your real father is Robert, the insurance man.” The son is having a heart attack. Meanwhile, the father is at home, sitting on his phone, oblivious to what’s happening to his poor son, and watching TV, while the father-son scene is played out on the little screen.
The message is: Next time you make a call by accident, make sure it does some good.

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