Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trees Update

Speaking of trees...You might remember reading that my family planted trees in Eastern Gush Etzion on Tu B'Shevat:
Well, today I visited those trees, and you know what???? They're growing little teeny buds.
I was so excited to see those little buds, I stared at them for quite a while. I felt like a mother, looking at her adorable little child.
We had made a circle of stones around the trees, and today weeded within the stone border. I wanted that little circle to be brown and rich, no weeds or stray grass bothering our trees.
I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera, but next time I visit Eastern Gush Etzion again, I'm going to be sure to remember it. And by that time, maybe the buds will be even bigger.
Hooray for trees planted in the soil of Eretz Yisrael. And hooray for the fact that I was able to dig in that soil today myself. It felt great!

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