Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Week - Work

It's been such a busy week for me as I work on the 14TH ANNIVERSARY of Voices Magazine. There's been no time for any fun, no time to visit my grandbabies, and no time for writing to you.
I hope you've missed our chats. I surely have.
But I'm almost finished. Yay!! In just a little while, through the advent of hi-tech, the latest issue of VOICES will be zooming through cyberspace to our printer.
Can you imagine? I don't even have to drive to town with a disc to bring to my graphic artist.
Just click a button and VOICES is on the screen of my printing company's grafix genius.
It took lots of extra time to finish this issue, because it's so filled with information, and the folks that I wrote about wanted their info details juuuuuuust right. In fact, some stories were written and re-written four times. Not fun!
I also couldn't find a front cover photo. I wanted something happy, something special for our anniversary issue.
I opted for a photo of myself and my husband/publisher standing out in the rain. There's nothing happier in Israel today than rain!! So, it sort of set the mood for our newest edition.
Then, I couldn't really choose the perfect photo. In the end, I chose the last one that was taken, and I hope you like it too.
Ah, blessed rain! What could be a better gift for our 14th anniversary or any other time.

Happy 14th Anniversary, Voices, Voices advertisers, Voices columnists and Voices readers. Mazel tov!!

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