Monday, February 7, 2011

The Secret

Four years ago when I visited my mother in America, my New York niece wanted to me to sit down and watch some kind of motivational movie with her called, "The Secret." I really did want to, but I just never seemed to have time. Sometimes while I worked on the computer at my mother's desk, I heard the movie in the background, "The secret of life...", "The secret of all human beings...", "The secret of the cosmos...". Secret, secret, secret, they whispered. Secret, secret, secret they called from being the screen, like the wind summoning the whirling spirits.
That's exactly how I feel every time I sit down at my computer and get yet another Jonathan Pollard message. The members of Israel's Knesset request US President Barack Obama release convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard...Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu requests that US President Barack Obama release Jonathan Pollard...Past US Secretary of State George Schultz requests that Obama release Pollard...Former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle quests the release of Pollard...U.S. Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee, former White House Legal Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, Former Central Intelligence Agency head R. James Woolsey, the mighty men of America request the release of Jonathan Pollard. Every day hundreds, perhaps thousands of good people call the White House to request Jonathan's release. Just about everyone, except Mickey Mouse (or has Mickey Mouse come out for the release of Jonathan Pollard?) has requested Pollard's release.
Pollard, Pollard, Pollard, they whisper behind the screen. Pollard, Pollard, the Secret, the Secret.
And yet there is no word from Obama.
What is the Secret? Why is Obama still holding Jonathan Pollard? What is the Secret whispering through the corridors of the White House? What is the Secret locked away behind prisoner doors? What is the Secret?
If you had the most sought-after treasure in the universe right in your pocket, for what would you trade it? The destruction of communities in Judea and Samaria? Naw, you'll get them from a weak-insecure government anyway, chas v'shalom. The release of terrorists from Israeli prisons? Naw, Jonathan right now is probably worth the release of terrorists in all prisons throughout the world, chas v'shalom. The relinquishing of sovereignty over Jerusalem? Hmm, tempting. A treasure for a treasure. The release of arch-terrorist, future King of Palestine Marwan Barghouti? Also, so tempting, I can almost taste that bitter trade. Uch. The most influential Arab this side of the Jordan for the most influential Jew.
But Obama's heart is hardened and he will not release Pollard.
Obama has a Secret. He's holding out for something even I cannot imagine - some secret or secret of secrets. It whispers behind the curtain. I can hear its ghostly whooshing. Pollard. The Secret. Pollard. Polllllarrrrd.
What could it be? While I pray every day for the release of Jonathan Pollard, I shudder at the thought of discovering The Seeecrettt,
May G-d watch over Jonathan Pollard, and save the Jewish people from the machinations of evil men everywhere.


  1. Sharon, what bothers me the most is that all these people who now, twenty-five years late, are admitting that his crime was relatively minor and his punishment totally out of proportion, unprecedented. What has taken so long? Why didn't they say anything, five, ten, twenty plus years ago when Obama was still a student? It's not Obama, it's all these others, a full generation of silence who bother me.

  2. Secret, shmecret. There is no secret, only EVIL, PURE AND SIMPLE.