Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seeing the Truth, Not the Rose-Colored Truth

Wow, sometimes I scare myself.
Yesterday around noon, while the entire world was all agog that Egypt wanted to end its 30 year Mubarak dictatorship and sail off to a democratic Egypt, I said that more likely, they'd change an old dictator for a young one who could lead a war against Israel, and that Islamic Fundamentalism was quite probably on the way.
Well, the West kept singing the "We wanna be free" song that they felt the Egyptians were chanting on the streets of Cairo. Unfortunately, they didn't read lips too well, because the Egyptians were singing, "Down with Mubarak, Israel's friend. Peace with Israel is at an end." Catchy tune too.
The Egyptian people want jobs and food for their kids, but theyd give it all up for a juicy war to chas v'shalom obliterate the Jewish State.
How did I know that yesterday when everyone was still delirious with the "historic" moment, comparing it to the fall of the Berlin Wall, that this was more like The End of Egypt's "Shah"? Well, on my second computer screen, I watched the people in the street. I listened to what they were really saying, not what I wanted them to be saying.
Sheesh. It makes you think, if the world was so wrong about what's happening in Egypt today, could the Western World be seeing "images" of a peaceful future for Two States for Two Peoples when that's not the direction that Arabs are planning? Hm.

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