Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hebrew Happening

With Jews from all over the world coming together in the Land of Israel, very often they bring along with them the lingo of their former countries. Think about all the English or French or Arabic words that are used naturally in Hebrew. You need not go further than "Hi" and "Bye" to know that there's an awful lot of Hebrew that is not used on a regular basis.
Well, this year the Ministry of Education has given schools all over Israel the theme - "Our Hebrew Language."
This morning, the Aseh Chayil School in Efrat celebrated the Hebrew language with a fun and exciting language competition in the Efrat Matnas. Grades fourth through sixth participated. There were activities and music and teamwork.
The school was gifted with a trophy for its terrific Hebrew triumphs. The kids had a great time, and they internalized the message of the importance of Hebrew from the times of the Tanach through today. The Hebrew language is alive, it's meaningful and it's us.
Watch a Voices clip from the Hebrew Happening:

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