Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Purim Cheer - Where it Really Belongs

Remember the fabulous PURIM PROGRAM for our CHAYALIM (soldiers), post-high-school-yeshiva students and bnot sherut (national service girls), organized by Ayelet Avrahami of Matnas Efrat? Just in case, you don't remember:
Ayelet and a whole band of volunteers put together incredibly yummy and fun Purim Mishloach Manot packages for our soldiers, who are serving the country anywhere from the Golan down to Eilat.
You, lovely kind supporters, donate money for this project, and Ayelet buys get things for each active duty soldier, as well as small packages for boys/girls that are in sherut leumi or yeshiva.
Ayelet said that Efrat wants to hug its post-high schoolers, and show, "Efrat has its soldiers and its children in its heart."
There are currently about 700+ post-high schoolers, of which about 400 are in active duty. Money has already come in for this project, but Ayelet says the Matnas needs 15,000 NIS to make it really happen.
Let's make this a fantabulastic Purim for our high schoolers who are away from home. Let's show our appreciation for all they do.
If you're from the Efrat community and you have an automatic bank order at Matnas Efrat, you can donate directly through the email – .
If you're from outside the communitiy, you can donate to the Matnas via Visa/Mastercard by calling 02-993-2935.

Watch Ayelet speaking about this terrific project in English at and in Hebrew at .

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