Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calendar Girls

With a Voices Magazine deadline on my head, a few kids who are under the weather or recovering, a revolution in Egypt and a scandal in the IDF, I've been feeling very pressed lately. (B"H, not de-pressed, just pressed.)
So, when I got this phone call in the morning, it really brightened up my semi-rainy day.
An acquaintance called and said, "I miss you."
I responded, "I miss you too. I haven't seen you in quite a while."
She said, "Maybe you haven't seen me, but I've seen you every day this past month, and I really enjoyed seeing your smile."
This was a little too quizzical for me, so I asked for an explanation.
She said that she uses the Matnas Efrat calendar (she loves it) and has seen me every day, because the tap troupe of which I am a member THOSE TAPPIN' DAMES from Matnas Efrat are the Calendar Girls for the month of January. Yes, for an entire month, our tappers have been frozen in their salute of the crowd.
Actually, I love that calendar photo (taken by Rebecca Flash Kowalsky - ) too. I just didn't realize folks actually noticed it.

So, it's nice to know that the smiles of our tappers brought a happy feeling into the lives of others. B"H, we love to tap with our choreographer/teacher Judy Kizer and we're happy that the Matnas of Efrat brought us together!

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