Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Wish I Could Dance

I wish I could really dance.
I mean, I dance. I move my leg here, my arm there. I turn a little. I twist. I go up. I go down. But I don't really believe that I can dance. However, I want it so badly, perhaps I make people think that I really am dancing.
Tonight I watched real dancers dance.
Tonight I attended two back-to-back rehearsals for DAMES of the DANCE 4 -
THE PROMISED LAND. The first was a teenage hip hop number. Wow, those girls are so filled with energy. They were skinny rubber bands bopping all over. Their number was so fun and full of action. Terrif!
Then I watched the Master Dancers perform.
Oh my gosh!! They just took my breath away. They were just magnificent, angelic, gorgeous.....skinny!! Really, I was gasping for breath just watching them.
We are a little less than five weeks from our upcoming production of DAMES of the DANCE, and B"H, I really see it taking shape.
It's going to be a terrific evening. Almost 100 dancers bring the audience to its feet in applause, IY"H.
I'm going to do my best to keep up, but I really wish I could dance. I'm going to keep trying.

Photos by Rebecca Flash Kowalsky,

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