Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obsessed with the Weather

Okay, I have become obsessed with the weather. I can't stop listening to weather reports all over the world.

There's a political cyclone in Egypt, but there's a weather Cyclone Yasi in Australia. Folks there are really really panicking. I'm listening to the ABC national radio there, and the radio broadcasters from Emergency Management Headquarters are telling everyone in Queensland and Townsville that they should just stay calm. Folks are staying in their homes, because "metal sheets are flying everywhere." Metal sheets. That's sort of like kassams.
The wind won't go away, they say, and the massive trees are coming down.
They have mattresses against the windows, and the windows are taped up. Doesn't that sound familiar?
A woman just said that an iron bar flew threw the window. Hm. I was in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood recently and the yeshiva boys showed me an iron bar and the giant boulder that that Arabs threw through the window.
Destructive winds up to 290 kilometers. This is very terrifying. They're planning evacuations. Hm, we've had evacuations for the folks from Gush Katif, but that hasn't worked out too well has it.

Every Weather Extreme in the US
ABC News in America has reported EVERY kind of weather possible in America. Well, I can report that the folks in Florida (I spoke to them) are enjoying a gorgeous day. Unfortunately the rest of the country's not doing too well.
The snowstorm spreading over 2000 miles from New Mexico up to New England. My family's in New York, and they said that new snow is falling on old snow. Schools are closed. Everyone is getting cabin fever there. Sort of like when Israeils had to stay in their safe rooms during the Gulf War, eh.
ABC News says there are 100 million Americans in the cross hairs of the storm, which is still moving. Roads are treaturous. Air traffic is practically non-existent. National guard is on the roads to rescue motorists.
In New York, ABC said there's ice and sleet and more ice and sleet to come. My family said there's no place to park, and the snow is piled up higher than they can guess.

In Boston, they say they shoveled away 37,000 ton of snow. And they reported that the SNOW FARM (did you know that Boston has a snow farm) has its snow piled five stories high. That's a lot of snow.

And we in Israel are still waiting for some ...any ...rain.
G-d is sending cyclones, mudslides, snow, storms all over the world. He's got any weather He wants. He's pouring just about everything all over the world, and Israel is still begging for a touch of rain.
May Hashem protect good people everywhere.

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