Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zumbathon Funathon

My Saturday nights are pretty busy lately - filled with weekly rehearsals for DAMES of the DANCE 4 - The Promised Land. Cheryl Mandel's 60s style dance group (photo left of last year's Animals' Number) gets together for the most fun evening of the week in what is known as the Saturday Night Dancers.
Well, we danced the night away (our number for the next show is going B"H great!!), and then instead of standing around chatting, we all took off like a shot, and raced over to the Matnas Efrat for a Zumbathon. Zumba is an aerobic dancercize using African and assorted music. I've Zumba-ed before. I found it great shvitzy fun.
I couldn't wait to try it again.
I was so excited to see the gym floor filled with women who love to dance, and the smiles were so wide, you could see that everyone was having a fabulous time.
Thanks to the Matnas of Efrat, especially Tehilla Makover, for organizing the evening, as well as Zumba teacher Penina Sand who was so bubbly and energetic, you couldn't help but jump along with her. And thank you to the other teachers and women who helped make this evening such a success. Oh whatta funtastic night!

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