Saturday, January 29, 2011

An End to the Dream Week

Last week was a real treat for me. I was supposed to work on our special ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of VOICES MAGAZINE, but I thought to myself, "After 14 years, you deserve a prize." And my husband/publisher agreed with me. B"H for an understanding husband/boss. Actually, he was probably relieved. Perhaps he thought I'd ask for a fancy vacation or a diamond bracelet. All I really wanted was "the perfect week!" So, I gifted myself with a pretty terrific week!
It was packed with all the best elements - visiting with my grandchildren, touring around Israel, getting nachas from my kids, performing on stage, being in the audience, and then being in a newspaper for something good.
At the beginning of the week, I spent time with my grandchildren, sharing fun and hugs. Then as you know, if you've read my previous blogs, I took a tour of the Dead Sea area with the One Israel Fund. (There are five blogs about it - here's the first )
I drove my daughter one morning to her Sherut Leumi (national service) assignment, where she works in an elementary school. B"H, I was able to see her in action. I watched little kids run up to her with hugs and kisses. I listened as the school's secretary sang her praises, and I got a tour of this very innovative school. More on that in a later blog, IY"H.
My most recent show, JUDGE! The Song of Devora, had its final Gush Etzion performance on Wednesday night. JUDGE! was the sixth production of the Raise Your Spirits Theatre, which I merited to found nine years ago. There were so many people in the audience, they were literally hanging from the rafters. Everyone who had always wanted to get tickets, but never found the time, crammed into the theater for the last show.
They came from all over the country, and boy, did we give them a show!!?!! Wow, we were B"H in top form, and everyone have especially good fun on stage. (I took my camera on stage under my costume at the finale and even photographed some bows - above - and our audience - left.)
Then I took some of my kids (those who were interested) to see Spirit of the Dance, which was an hour and a half of Irish Dance - very exhilarating. I love to be on stage, but I l-o-v-e to be in the audience at a great show. The experience just takes my breath away.
I ended the week (after a productive and great Friday morning dance rehearsal) finding out that the Jerusalem Post had written about JUDGE! The review was positive, B"H, but it didn't even touch the real feeling of the show, or the talent and creativity of those amazing women on stage. The author somehow forgot the fundamentals, like the fact that JUDGE! was written by Toby Klein Greenwald and Yael Valier and composed by Mitch Clyman. But my friends were excited that my favorite JUDGE! photo by Rebecca Flash Kowalsky of was in the paper. So I guess most people don't read newspaper stories anyway.
Then Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night), we had a JUDGE! cast party followed by rehearsals for my upcoming show, DAMES of the DANCE 4 - The Promised Land. So, it was a full and fully wonderful week. Next week, it's back to work. VOICES will come out a little later than normal, but its editor will be smiling, thinking of seven days of happiness.
Yes, next week begins VOICES' 15th YEAR!! I can't believe it. But you know what?? That's for another blog. :)

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