Sunday, January 30, 2011

B"H for the Rain!!

Finally, B"H, we're getting some welcome rain. Drip drop drop drop. Pitter patter. Pitter patter. Splash.
It's great. I ran outside this morning and videoed cars driving down the block, because I wanted to hear the sploshhhh of the rain on their tires. I watched the rivulets of rain running down my street.
Hooray hooray hooray. I stood by our kumquat and etrog trees to watch the little drops fall from their leaves.
The sky is full of rain, B"H. Super duper. Unfortunately, we can't make "rain men", but everyone enjoy it anyway.
This afternoon, I watched preschoolers in their adorable rubber boots, stamping their feet in the puddles. Their mothers didn't even scold them. I bet they would have stamped too if they had rubber boots with smiley faces on them.
I've gotten a bunch of emails since I first posted this short blog today, and everyone has signed off, "Happy rain!" Isn't that great? Yes, it is happy. B"H for a happy rain.
I've gotten calls from Jerusalem and Bet El that they're experiencing terrific rainfalls. It even rained for a short time in Bet Shemesh.
B"H for the rain and drive carefully, folks. Keep buttoned up. Keep your feet and head dry, and you'll get through the rain both happily and healthily.
We learn in the Torah (Bible) that we are not allowed to covet our neighbor's house or his wife. It didn't say, "Don't covet your neighbor's precipitation." We have been hearing for weeks about the record snowfalls in New York. We've read about the humongous rains and even mudslides in Australia and around the world. I never wanted 20 inches of snow (maybe three) or flooding rains. I just wanted a drop of their precipitation. Maybe now we've got a bit of it.
Thank you, G-d, for the blessed rain. Please keep it coming.
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