Friday, January 7, 2011

B"H Tomorrow Night's Shabbat!!

WHAT??? Tonight is Shabbat. Agghh. How did that happen? I must have misread the calendar. Aghhh. Better race even more.
Okay, a two minute blog and then off.
FRIDAY, the shortest and busiest day of the week! NO matter how little needs to be done on Friday, folks like me are usually ready only two minutes before the time of candlelighting or two minutes after. :(
This morning I had my regular weekly reheasal for Dames of the Dance 4 - The Promised Land. On Friday, we rehearse two numbers - a very patriotic march that is a tribute to the Israel Defense Forces; and a rousing stomp number that is dedicated to building Beit HaMikdash (the Holy Temple). They are just brilliant, B"H, really not enough adjectives for the excitement and energy in those two very different numbers. Both were choreographed by the innovative and talented Judy Feinerman Kizer. Wait 'til you seem 'em!!!
Usually it's dance, dance, dance on Friday morning and then race home to cook for Shabbat.
This week was different for my friends Fayge, Meira, Heather and me. We had our dance reheasal and then had to rush from Efrat to Gush Etzion for a full cast rehearsal of JUDGE! The Song of Devora.
Our cast is performing tomorrow night (Saturday evening) at the Gavna Restaurant's event hall. And it's going to be such an incredibly fun and fantastic performance. The performance was created by Raise Your Spirits, the Efrat Matnas and Gavna together specifically for female soldiers, national service girls and those women who just haven't been able to make it to a week-day performance. Of course, other females are invited as well.
So we rehearsed in this enclosed tent from 10 AM to 1:30 PM and then raced home to hopefully supported (read: not such happy families) to complete Shabbat preparation.
But it was all worth it.
Folks, this Gavna show is going to be an historic production - out in the middle of a forest in an enclosed tent, high atop the hills of Gush Etzion. It's such an intimate place, the audience and the actors are side by side. Everyone is going to have such a blast. Wow wow wow.
If the rehearsal is any indication of how the show's going to work out - LOOOOOOK OUT, FOLKS. Yay.
If you read this before Motzei Shabbat 8:30 PM, you're invited to race over to Gavna in Gush Etzion. You'll thank me.
And before I end, I want to thank Matnas Efrat for all their support. They're just terrif!!
Admission: 35 NIS for bnot sherut and soldiers
50 NIS for any other women who'd like to join us

All photos by Rebecca Kowalsky. Images through Time!!

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