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Destruction & Construction - TEKOA DALED

Although the Civil Administration destroyed their stone home in Tekoa Daled last month, Maayan and Yigal Carlebach are rebuilding and are determined to live in their new home soon, IY"H.
Last month security forces surrounded the Carlebach home at 4 AM one freezing morning, evicting the couple and their newborn baby. Maayan had delivered by
Caesarian only three weeks before, and was recovering from her surgery.
All the couple's belongings were tossed out into the street, and their home was smashed, Tehilla, a Tekoa Daled resident said. "The Carlebachs were simply outside in the freezing cold. The forces threw everything outside into the mud. The Carlebachs couldn't find anything, not their diapers or pacifiers or anything. Everyone from Tekoa Daled stood together watching. We didn't do anything, no violence, but they wouldn't let us help our friends either."
Maayan Carlebach told Voices that she had her husband had built their home with their own hands, over a period of two years with stones that the couple had carefully chosen from the area to blend into the landscape.

Adam Tzachi, spokesman for the Gush Etzion Regional Council, also said the demolition was a "total surprise." He said, "The Minhal Ezrachi (Civil Administration) did not notify the Moetza beforehand, so there was no way to prevent it."The media reported that the Carlebachs had received several Demolition Orders. In fact, the Civil Administration showed the Carlebachs photos of the orders, but Maayan said that she had never seen one, and that the destruction of her home came as a shock.
He explained that the Minhal Ezrachi said it destroyed the home because "it was a stone house, built during the freeze."
In the name of the Moetza, Adam said, "We're very sorry about the destruction of a Jewish home in Eretz Yisrael…The Gush Etzion Regional Council encourages Jewish building within its boundaries and all parts of Eretz Yisrael. However, in certain areas, you have to build with appropriate caution."

Tekoa Daled

Tekoa Daled is a young neighborhood in the ever-growing community of Tekoa. On Daled, 20 families live in an area closer to the desert and to the town of Nokdim.
The residents of Tekoa Daled stood together helpless, as the Carlebach's home was destroyed. Later, neighbors rallied around the couple, offering them support and help to rebuild immediately. Maayan said, "The support is the only thing that has kept us on our feet. It is very heartwarming."
Gush Etzion’s Mayor Shaul Goldstein visited Tekoa Daled later that day and assured the family of the Moetza's help on a "humanitarian basis." A social worker was sent the next day, and the Carlebachs were put up in a guest house in Tekoa Bet.
Right after the destruction, the young couples organized a concert with Arye Zilber and Aaron Razel in order to raise money for the rebuilding.
Maayan said, "Our new home is much simpler than the first one. We still need windows, doors, plumbing and a kitchen," which would total about 20,000 NIS.
Maayan said that she and husband Yigal merited "to take a community that had some dissention, and when this happenned, they solved problems between neighbors. People who didn't get along for years were united, and now realize what is important in life and what is not."
She added that she asked security forces why they were destroying her home when "over the hill there are 3000 Arab homes that were all built illegally."
Yigal and Maayan are concerned about the future of their new house, as well, but she added, “This is a war for the existence of the Jewish people in their land!”
Maayan is a tour guide and horseback riding instructor. Yigal is a farmer in a plant nursery. In two months, IY"H, Maayan said, the nursery will have plants to sell. He also builds musical instruments.
In order to help the Carlebachs rebuild, please send a check to Yigal and Maayor Carlebach, Tekoa 90908. To transfer money, Bank Leumi, Branch 647.

Photos courtesy of the residents of Tekoa Daled.

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