Monday, January 3, 2011

Enough Already - Free the Big "J" Man

A new generation has arisen who doesn't know JOSEPH, I mean JONATHAN. Jonathan Pollard. They don't know what he's accused of, they don't know why he's sitting in jail as a spy who gave information to a friendly nation, when there are spies all over the world who do all kinds of stuff that endanger the existence of other countries and when they get caught, get sent home, or serve short sentences with long reprimands.
Here's Jonathan Pollard, whom everyone nowadays seems to agree should be let out of prison, and he's still languishing and suffering in his little box of a cell.
Like Joseph before him, Jonathan is decaying in prison without a hint of release, but with hope and faith.
Here's Jonathan Pollard, who may have saved Israel in the first Gulf War, and yet has been largely ignored by the Israeli government. Wow (a big facetious wow), after 25 years, Israel is finally asking for his release on humanitarian grounds.
I think sane people, Jewish and not, are just sick and tired of Pollard's imprisonment when it doesn't seem to make sense any more.
The Pollard case is complex and large. Read about it here: But read about it. Scream out for Jonathan's release, write to the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of the United States, Senators and Congressmen, newspapers and websites. Tell the world, it's time for Jonathan to come home.
It's time for him to come home to Beit Yonatan in the City of David. It's time for him to plant an olive tree (along with his wife Esther, at left) in Efrat's Be'erot Yonatan. It's time for them to build a real life together - a bayit ne'eman b'yisrael. It's time for people to say "Thank you" to Jonathan, just because they should.
There's a Jonathan Pollard video that folks are passing around now - It hasn't gotten as many hits as it should.

Maybe the video clip is not exploding in cyberspace yet because Jonathan Pollard doesn't have a catchy enough name. Free Jonathan Pollard doesn't sound so cool. What about, "Free the Big 'J' Man"? Or maybe this video clip should have a Jonathan Pollard song played in the background. That would bring up the hits, "Hey, Johnny Johnny, the day is near; when you're gonna shuffle outta there. You're comin' to Is-ra-el, and we know why; cause you saved us as our Jewish spy; yeah yeah, oh yeah; yeah yeah, oh yeah."
Well, it doesn't have a song, and it's not action packed, but it's important, so please watch the above video clip and pass it along.


  1. If you want the song about Jonathan, and an awesome one at that go to
    What really needs to go viral, however, is not the video, but people. Not enough people are angry enough to storm the White House and Netanyahu. Why not? You tell me.

  2. If you want a song about Jonathan Pollard, and an awesome one at that, go to either the site or straight to you tube.

    What really needs to go viral....more than a video .... are people. People angry enough to demand justice, angry enough to rally both in Washington and Israel.