Monday, January 31, 2011

Democratic Egypt? I don't think so.

It's interesting that folks are looking at the situation in Egypt and saying that democracy is on the way for Egypt.
Changes in Tunisia and protests in Syria have an optimistic (read: naive) world pointing at democratic futures of these countries.
The media say the people in these countries want a better education and better employment opportunities. Perhaps the West thinks these Arab nations want the good life of the modern world. And perhaps again, they think this will moderate them.
Why is it that I am skeptical?
Remember when the Shah of Iran was overthrown? Did the Iranians get a better more democratic life? They got the mullahs and now years later Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .
The finale of chaos and coups in Arab countries may well be Islamic Fundamentalism reigning in each country.
We'll Take Care of You
Remember when Hamas began its rise in stature in Gaza? The Arabs of Gaza were suffering under a corrupt PA leadership. Children were hungry, healthcare was bad, families were poverty stricken. Hamas came forward giving children hot lunches, helping families in many social ways. As we remember, eventually the PA was overturned. Democracy didn't come next, but Islamic Fundamentalism did.
Egyptians want a better standard of living. While democracy and a free market economy could indeed help them, chances are the majority of people will opt for an Egypt run by the Moslem Brotherhood.
Jews know we're never supposed to pray for a new king – that goes for a new king in a nearby nation too.
Egypt is one of the most militarily equipped nations in the Middle East. It's a terrifying scenario to think of those weapons in the hand of Islamic Fundamentalists.

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