Monday, January 10, 2011

Shepherds Hotel Construction on the Way - YAY!

Yesterday's news was very exciting:
Demolition had begun on the Shepherd Hotel to make way for a Jewish apartment building. If you read a previous blog of mine:, then you know that the Shepherd Hotel was once the residence of one of the biggest anti-Semites and incitors to violence that Israel ever knew - Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem. He was kindred spirits with Adolph Hitler, yimach shmo.
I had visited the Shepherd Hotel last March and heard of the plans for the new building. Everything about that specific building is proof that eventually G-d's justice is served.
Husseini was not only an anti-Semite. He stirred up the Arab masses to attack Jews throughout Israel and create pogroms in Jewish neighborhoods. Like Hitler and Haman before him, he wanted the destruction of the Jewish people And now the site of his home will be filled willed with wonderful Jewish children, running, playing, living life in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people.
Another point about that house is that it is right next to the British Consulate building. The British Mandate did everything it could to prevent Jews from buying land in Israel, from building in Israel and from even entering Israel. And now a Jewish building is going up right next door. Yippee.
Besides all else, this was the site of the murder of the Hadassah doctors and nurses on their way up to Hadassah Hospital during the Mandate Days, during the time when the British were pledged to look after the welfare of all those in their Mandate. Well, the convoy climbed the hill to Hadasah Hospital, and right outside the British Consulate, the Arabs attacked and murdered 79 Jews, or was it 78 Jews and one Christian.
The memorial stands there today outside the Consulate and across from the Shepherd Hotel. Those 79 souls will be avenged by the building of a Jewish community right across from the site of their horrible deaths. Am Yisrael Chai. The nation of Israel shall live, despite the Arab enemy that would bomb, stab, kassam them. The nation of Israel shall live, despite the British or any of the European nations would have not and would not lift a finger to prevent the destruction.
I laughed this morning when I read the Jerusalem Post:
Consuls General in capital call to be present at demolitions, court proceedings, intervene in arrests; "Attempts to emphasize Jewish identity of city threatens to radicalize the conflict," 'Independent' reports.

Well, the Jewish identity of Jerusalem threatens to radicalize the conflict with the Arabs! When buses were blowing up all over Jerusalem in 2001, was it because of the demolition of the Shepherd Hotel or that of any illegal Arab building in Jerusalem? Um, no.
When a suicide bomber blew up Sbarro's Restaurant and killed 15 year old Malkie Roth, the sweet Schijveschuurder family, 18 year old Tehilla Maoz, pregnant Shoshanna Greenbaum and others, was it because of demolitions of illegal Arab homes in Eastern Jerusalem? Um, no.
When an Arab terrorist blew up Cafe Hillel and took with it Naava Applebaum, a bride on the eve of her wedding, and her father Dr. David Applebaum, the head of the emergency room at Shaarei Tzedek hospital, was it because of the demolitions of illegal Arab buildings? Um, no.
So what are these blind Consuls General talking about?
The European Union is pushing an Arab agenda that would end, chas v'shalom, in the destruction of the Jewish State as we know it today. They're just happy that their hands are clean, and someone else is doing the dirty work.
B"H for building Jewish homes in Jerusalem and everywhere else in the State of Israel. B"H for the population growth of the Jewish people, especially in Judea and Samaria, where Jewish building has been frozen all year.
B"H for a country that grows and prospers. May Am Yisrael grow in number, in buildings and in faith in Hashem Above, because He is the One who rules the earth, not the EU or the PA or the USA.

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