Friday, August 5, 2011

We Let China Rule the World

The cyber attack by China gave me yet another glimpse at the brilliance of the economic giant. Fox news reported, "The world's most extensive case of cyber-espionage, including attacks on U.S. government and U.N. computers, was revealed Wednesday by online security firm McAfee, and analysts are speculating that China is behind the attacks."
World domination was China's goal back in the days of Chairman Mao and it continues today. But the Chinese couldn't achieve its domination with Communism so the're achieving it with Capitalism. That's the beauty of their plan. They have pinpointed the worst traits of the Western world and are playing upon them - greed, selfishness and laziness.
The Western world, like Jeshurun, became fat. Manufacturers and businesses, giant companies and even small ones thought, "Why work at something if you could get someone else to do it for you?"
Thanks to the West's greed and search for the cheapest goods, no matter how inferior, or what kind of labor they would use in production, no matter what American/ Israeli/ Western business / existing business they would put out of work by shifting manufacturing to China, the West has been lulled into a stupor and allowed China to take over.
We (I'm from the West too) even invited them. We chased them to make all the world's goods, because we could save a buck there, and now they control production of everything from frozen fish to diamonds to clothing to windmills and computer chips.
And now they can turn on or off the economic spigot whenever they wish.
Imagine the Chinese making all the world's hard drives or chips and programming then to programmed to report information - business, security, anything - to some Chinese computer. How brilliant is that!
Fat and Lazyi
When women became too busy or too lazy, and decided to buy all prepared foods, their families became fat. When Israelis became lazy and hired Arabs to do the manual labor in Israel, they gave up the governance of their lives. (Who has not hired a Jewish electrician or plumber to fix something in their home, only to open the door to the electrician who stands on the side while his Arab assistant does all the work? This man has given up the governance of his own life.)
When the nations of the world chose the cheap and easy way by letting China manufacture everything, they gave up their own sovereignty, and they were too fat and lazy to care or understand that it was happening, that it continues to happen every day.
Until America goes back to work (in real factories), until Israel manufactures its own t-shirts and Army uniforms and money (yes, Israel's money is printed in China), until French models of the Eiffel Tower start saying "Made in France" instead of "Made in China", the world will be at the mercy of the Chinese.
(My goodness, the Chinese are even making the kassams that the Arabs of Gaza are lobbing at us.)
They don't need a spy scandal to take over. They already rule the world.
Now, the nations of the world have to wake up from their slumber and take their sovereignty back.

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