Monday, August 22, 2011

Anti-Social Media Parents

We went on vacation this week with our children and grandchildren. B"H, we had an incredible time. My grandchildren are so delicious, B"H, I wanted to photograph their every move. We did such fun things, my husband and I wanted to snap every moment.
So, we did. We used our cameras, and we pulled out our iphones to snap and send!
Then my son said something that made me stop, "You and Abba are so busy taking pictures, you're not participating in this vacation. You're so worried about the pictures that you're outside all the fun and not interacting with anyone."
Suddenly I realized that he was right.
We had spent the first few days, photographing every move everyone made and sending the photos to our family all over the world.
My son said, "You're keeping in touch with everyone everywhere, except for us right here."
And then I realized I had become something I decried only a few days earlier - a part of the anti-social media revolution.
Remember, I wrote about those folks - They're the ones who'd rather SMS their friends then talk to them face to face. They'd rather skype then get together for a cup of coffee.
And I guess they'd rather take pictures and send them to their sister in Florida and their friend in Paris, then be "in the moment" with their kids.
So, I didn't put down the camera totally (let's not go overboard), but I only sent about ten photos a day and I did more hugging and appreciating and living the moment with the people I love best.

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