Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miracle in the Garden

I decided this morning to daven (say my morning prayers) on the bench in our garden instead of on my porch, which is my usual practice. Just as I began, I noticed the hugest hairiest bee I ever saw. It was so big I thought maybe it was a micro bird (are there such things as microbirds?).

It was so amazing to see such a miraculous little creature, I felt like I was watching some National Geographic program. The bee, or whatever it was, was doing exactly what we learned they do. It danced from flower to flower, staying for a moment, whispering a secret to the petals, giving each a pollinating kiss and then flitting to the next flower. I have seen bees on my flowers before, but nothing like this one. (After looking at many bee mug-shots today, I believe it was a hairy-footed flower bee, but who knows. :) )
I was fascinated, but also so curious, I didn't know if I should run inside for my camera or stay where I was and watch the incredible site. I realized that my camera was too far away, and I might lose the bee if I went away too long, so I ran to the kitchen table and grabbed my phone.

The bee had fluttered to another flower, but I snapped anyway, and then I just saw there in awe, staring at the blue and yellow and red beauties in my garden.
Ma rabu maasecha, Hashem!
How wondrous are your creations, G-d!

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