Monday, August 1, 2011

A Perfect Summer Night

It's been hot as blazes and there have been nights where nary a leaf has wiggled. The weather's been singing, "We're havin' a heat wave, a tropical heatwave," but no one's had the energy or inclination to join in the chorus.
Summer nights have been just too stagnant and stifling until tonight. Yes, tonight was the perfect summer evening. And everyone else seemed to feel that way too. Folks stood outside just to appreciate the gentle breeze and take a few deep breaths. Walking partners are actually smiling as they hup-two-three down the avenue. Kids are laughing and bouncing just a little more tonight.
In fact, as my daughter and I walked home tonight up a nearby street, we saw five girls listening to some French rock song and bopping on the corner.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Practicing our dance," they replied.
"Are you putting on a show? Are you going to a party? Is this something for camp?"
They said, "We're just dancing for fun. Wanna join us?"
"YES, of course, I want to join you." Boy, did they have the right gal!!
I asked them to teach me the steps of their dance, and then I suggested a few of my own. And suddenly four of us were dancin' in the street, two girls were videoing it, and my daughter was watching with amusement and perhaps a bit of disbelief in her eyes.
We rehearsed about ten times and then "action!"
The girls loved our little dance and so did I. It was a perfect way to spend a perfect summer evening.
I bid them all a farewell, and we all high-fived, laughing that perhaps we'd meet again after the Nine Days (the days of mourning Jerusalem's Holy Temple - during which we refrain from dancing in the street and other such joyous activity).
Meanwhile, if I'm going to dance with pre-teens at night for the rest of the summer, I've got to practice my moves.
Ease to the right, ease to the left, elbow jab, elbow jab.

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