Sunday, August 21, 2011

Riding Jerusalem's New Light Rail

Friday was the opening day of Jerusalem's Light Rail System. We have waited so many years for the Light Rail to become a reality. It's almost too hard to believe it's real.
About a year and a half ago, my daughter Bati and I visited the Light Rail Depot to find out what we had to look forward to:
They told us that the Light Rail would be running by January, February, March or April 2011.
Well, it's only four months late of its most recent anticipated date.
So, when they announced that the train would actually be running on Friday, my daughter and I drove to Jerusalem just to take a ride on the first day of the train.
Every station was packed with families, as eager as we were to take a spin.
The trains were beautiful, futuristic, reminiscent of Disney World. The train stations were modern, with changing announcement boards telling you exactly when the next train is due.
The train ride from one end (Har Herzl) to the other (Pisgat Ze'ev) currently takes 80 minutes, but IY"H when the kinks are out of the system, the ride will be about 40 minutes.
It's really fun and a great way to get around town, or take the kids out for an exciting day.
The train is free for the next two weeks. Take advantage.
All aboard.
We were so excited, we even made a movie about it. (You'll have to come back to see it another time.)

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  1. I was on the train today. I have pictures on facebook and a movie on youtube. G-d willing I'll post about it tomorrow.