Sunday, August 28, 2011

Night Driving - A Parable of Life

I was driving home the other night in the Jordan Valley. Things were fine when the road was lit with lamp posts or even pitch black. But when on-coming cars shined their lights in my face, I was blinded and could not find my bearings.
The only thing that literally saved me were the red lights of the car in front of me. If I could keep focused on the car's red lights, I was able to stay in my lane and drive with confidence and control.
I mentioned that fact to my daughter-in-law, who was the only person in the car awake besides me.
She said that the story was a perfect parable. A person can drive through life being sent astray by bright shiny lights. But if he has his eyes focused on the red light ahead of him, the boundaries we learn from a Torah-filled lifestyle, then we will be able to control our lives and go along the right path always.

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