Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feet First on Tisha B'Av

There are many rules for how Jews must conduct themselves on Tisha B'Av. In addition to not eating and other "don't"s, they may not wear leather shoes.
Sneakers? But not leather ones. Slippers? Sandals? Socks? Bare feet?
For a week before Tisha B'Av, everyone's wondering what s/he's going to wear or not wear on his/her feet.
Today while I was in the synagogue to participate in the Tisha B'Av learning program, I looked at the feet around me.

Each person found his/her own way to keep within the halachic requirements of the day, and yet stay comfortable and in 9 Av fashion.

Here's hoping that one day soon the Holy Temple will be rebuilt and we won't have to worry about Tisha B'Av shoes.


  1. I was thinking of taking pictures of feet today, too, but didn't.

  2. We may not have to worry about Tisha B'av then, but our feet will still look the same - or maybe they will be bare?
    because you can't go to the temple wearing leather shoes either, even if it's not a fast day