Friday, June 24, 2011

Educating the Prisoners

More than a year ago, I wrote that hundreds of Arab prisoners - terrorists, and murderers - in Israeli jails are allowed to study for the bagruyot (matriculation) and attain college degrees of every level. I even mentioned that mega-terrorist Marwan Baghuti received a PhD last year from Universitiy of Cairo. The Israeli prison system furnished him with all the books and materials he needed for his work. Read a pretty good article :) about it here:
I also questioned whether Israeli soldier prisoner Gilad Shalit, who is now officially five years in a Hamas jail cell, is also being allowed to study for a college degree. That would seem fair, right?
Well, today the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israeli prisoners should no longer allow Arab prisoners to study for the bagruyot while Gilad Shalit's Arab prison does not allow him to be visited by the Red Cross.
That seems overly fair, and about six years too late. But, as my dearest mother ad 120 says, "We never go back. We only go forward."
The pathetically funny thing about this entire story is that now the Hamas are protesting that not allowing terrorists to study for high school and college degrees violates their international rights.
Well, folks, not allowing Gilad Shalit to be seen regularly by the International Red Cross violates his international rights too, but I don't think anyone much cares.

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  1. So many of our problems as Jews relate back to our lack of Jewish self respect. Any normal people would treat Arabs in prison the same as Gilad Shalit is treated. That means NO communication with the outside world and to ignore complaints by the Red Cross and the Jewish leftists. Giving Arab prisoners those benefits only confirms to the Arabs that we are infidels who are self debased and who deserve their hatred and contempt.