Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Judea and Samaria - Israel's Safety Net

Different communities around the country are being prepared as national emergency centers. These are places that have been designated as safe towns in case of public disasters like the gas explosion in Netanya; or natural disasters like earthquakes or the fires in the Carmel or Jerusalem Forests; or military emergencies like war, missiles or any kind of major enemy conflicts.
After I attended the National Emergency Preparedness Drill in my hometown of Efrat, my husband asked me if every city was preparing. Indeed, they are preparing for varied local and national scenarios. But if missiles fall on Tel Aviv and the Merkaz (Central Israel), G-d forbid - which happens to be the scenario for the next war, chas v'shalom, then the folks of Tel Aviv and the Merkoz or folks from the north of the country or the south of the country (as we have already seen) are going to be evacuated to Judea and Samaria. The towns of Yesha are for the most part, meanwhile, B"H, out of enemy missile range.
I remember that in the last Lebanon War, folks from the north were not only evacuated to Efrat, but even to teeny Meitzad in south eastern Gush Etzion, and other small towns throughout Yesha.
So...if Yesha is the safest place in the country, bli ayin hara, and is prominent in the marechet (schedule) of the Home Front Command emergency evacuation program, how can the government even contemplate, G-d forbid, giving away any part of Judea and Samaria? Such a move endangers every single person in the country.
To our dear peace-loving brothers of Tel Aviv and Haifa, we in Judea and Samaria are your safety evacuation destination.
Perhaps your should protect us now, so that we can protect you later.
And if you utopian-ly think that if you evacuate Judea and Samaria, the Arab appetite for Jewish real estate or blood will finally be quenched, I have four words for you: Gush Katif, Kassam, Sderot.
No, I have six words: Gush Katif, Missiles, Sderot, Good Luck!
If you let anything happen to us, chas v'shalom, you can run from the missiles, but you'll have nowhere to hide.

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