Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who's Got Self-Respect?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Jewish Agency that he is willing to accept a Palestinian State on our Jewish homeland. In fact, when he was in Washington, he told Congress that he was willing to be very generous with the Jewish land given over to the PA for a Palestinian State. (Of course, that leads us to ask who he is to give about land promised to the Jewish people for all eternity, but that's for a different blog....)
Now the Prime Minister just wants Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to say that he accepts the existence of a Jewish State.
The only thing is that Abbas as both self-respect and respect for his cause, and he won't even lip-sync the words to please Bibi or Congress or foreign donors or anyone else.
I pray that he remains resolute in not recognizing the State of Israel. Since our own government is willing letzareinu to given away the store, Abbas' intransigence is our only hope.

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