Monday, June 6, 2011

Back on Stage in JUDGE!

The women of Raise Your Spirits Theatre are back on stage in a command performance, hosted by the Jerusalem Municipality.
Raise Your Spirits will be performing JUDGE! The Song of Devora, the smash-hit musical about the prophet/judge Devora.
I just got back from our first rehearsal in five months, and you know what, we did great!!
Firstly, it was fabulous to be on stage together after such a long time. We fell right back into character and right back into our fun fellow-cast relationships. Next, it was exciting knowing we're going to perform for a new audience in a new theater - the Gerard Behar. Lastly, we're all just a bunch of hams and love love love to be applauded and cheered.
JUDGE! is RYS's sixth musical production since its inception in 2001. I founded Raise Your Spirits to give women/girls a positive project to work on during the summer, when terror rocked the nation.
Our theater company has been giving hope, encouragement, pride and terrific entertainment to women and girls from throughout Israel and even the world for the past decade.
Now, we'll be celebrating our tenth anniversary on stage in the Gerard Behar Theater.
JUDGE! was written by Toby Klein Greenwald and Yael Valier with music by Mitch Clyman of Muso Productions.
Ladies, bring your daughters and your friends. You'll just love it. Call Bimot 02-623-7000.

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