Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hebrew Land

The Ministry of Education's educational theme this year was "The Hebrew Language." In a land of olim (immigrants), where English, Russian, French, Amharic and Spanish are heard on Israel's streets and in its school yards on a daily basis, the speaking of Hebrew and in-depth Hebrew-learning are not a given.

Efrat's Aseh Chayil School has been concentrating on Hebrew for five months now. Each grade has tackled the theme in its own way - studying authors, poets, different book series and more.
The culmination of Aseh Chayil's long-range project was a community-wide Hebrew Happening recently in their school.
My thanks to Chairperson of Aseh Chayil's Dina Mann, Chairperson, Chayil B'Efrata Parents Association, for the personal tour through the Land of Hebrew.
The kids put on street theater, including a heated debate between Eliezer Ben Yehuda (who reinstituted the modern-day Hebrew language) and detractors, a Naomi Shemer sing-a-long, a Time Tunnel that led to a display of the Time Tunnel

books and their historical events, plus a free-lunchroom where guests were treated to food straight out of children's books, like
"Tiras Cham" (hot
corn - yum) and "Eliezer B'Gezer" (carrot salad for Eliezer in Carrots).
Parent and child activities rounded out the event, and after eating, playing, watching and interacting in Hebrew everyone really did come away with a closer connection to the Hebrew language. And that was the idea in the first place. Kol hakavod L'Aseh Chayil.

Come along to Aseh Chayil to participate in the Hebrew Happening
(English explanation):
(Hebrew explanation):

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