Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Fruit for Efrat

The Fruit for All campaign that was held yesterday, B"H, was received so enthusiastically that folks who couldn't participate yesterday, decided to pick some fruit today.

I had a terrific surprise today when a group of boys from the Orot Etzion Boys School came over to my home and began picking my kumquat tree. We had invited families to pick the tree around Purim, but they never got past the bottom half of the tree.

Today the boys climbed on one another's shoulders and even used professional fruit picking devices :) and were able to pick kumquats almost from the tippy-top of the tree.

The fruits of their labor - 10 kilos of kumquats.
We also received more fruit from other neighbors - cherries, plums and apricots.

David Cohen, the head of the Kashruth Department of Efrat's Religious Council, came to take tithes this afternoon.

So, now we've got more than 20 pounds of additional fruit to give to the Efrat Food Gemach, Hazan Et Hakol.

The trees are still loaded. Whether you live in Efrat, or whatever town, if the fruits on your public trees are already dropping, why not pick them for Shabbat. It is just too much of a shame if they go to waste. Enjoy the fresh fruits of our beautiful land.

Voices TV invites you to enjoy the harvest by watching our clip (but CAUTION: Parents, be responsible for your children's safety. Children, please do not climb in trees beyond your ability).

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