Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IDF Intelligence Agrees with Sharon Katz

Sometimes I actually scare myself.
Yesterday, after I attended Efrat's Emergency Preparedness Exercise, that I now know is called, Turning Point 5, I wrote a blog about the need for a whole Judea and Samaria as a safety zone for the nation - especially since the next war, G-d forbid, will have missiles aimed at Tel Aviv and the Merkaz. You can read it here:
This morning the in Jerusalem Post, I read:
Former head of IDF intelligence Amos Yadlin on Wednesday warned that the missiles being aimed at Israel today are not being aimed only at peripheral communities such as Sderot and Kiryat Shmona, but rather "they are being aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem."
Army Radio quoted Yadlin as saying "these missiles will not disappear, even if a peace agreement with the Palestinians is signed."
The JPost even noted: The security cabinet met in an underground bunker somewhere in the Judean Hills on Wednesday as part of the country’s large-scale war simulation drill.
So, Amos Yadlin obviously agrees with me!!! And I ask the same rhetorical question that I posed yesterday. If the government is depending on Judea and Samaria to act as a safe shelter for the rest of Israel if/when chas v'shalom the missiles start flying, how can they even discuss giving away parts of Yesha to the Palestinian Authority? This would cut open the safety net, because missiles would then be let loose in Yesha as well, and then the country would have no safe area at all.
It's time that members of the government spoke up on behalf of the Jewish Nation in its land.

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  1. You continue to amaze me! And now that you are on the inside track, perhaps you can discuss with your IDF intel cronies a little recommendation I have.

    A friend of mine out here in the Gush once (back when he was a teenangel -- he's much brighter now) was shot full of rock salt when he sneaked into an Arab farmer's field to appropriate a watermelon. Needless to say, he lived, has a cool scar on his leg (so my husband tells me), and was discouraged from taking the watermelon...

    My question (since you clearly are on the same page as our heroes higher up) is why are all of us not armed with rock salt shotguns instead of other means of home defense? Non-lethal (at least compared to the usual "neshek") and effective. I merely ask for information. This question has plagued me for some time; and you seem to be the go-to address for such ideas. Let me know what you guys decide. :-)