Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prisons and PhDs

Murderer/chief Fatah terrorist Marwan Barghouti is getting his PhD in Israeli prison. Mazel tov.
A terrorist since his teens, Barghouti was imprisoned in the 1970s and 1980s for his terrorist activities. While in prison, he finished his bagruyot (high school matriculation exams) in 1980.
Many Arab teenagers in Israeli prisons today take their bagruyot while in jail. The classes are small, and there are many teachers on site to help them. (BTW, I just called one of my friends whose son was arrested for protesting the destruction of Gush Katif. He was not allowed to study for bagruyot.)

We who believe that prisons should rehabilitate their prisoners surely look at prison bagruyot as a terrific opportunity to improve the future of the wayward and underprivileged Arab youth arrested for rioting, stone throwing, and all levels of attacks on Jews. It's a new beginning.
Young Barghouti also improved himself and began again until he achieved the murder of four Israelis and a Greek Orthodox priest, plus the planning of a mega-terrorist attack at the Malcha Mall (that B"H failed). He was tried for 33 other attacks (they were not pinned on him for lack of evidence).
Today an honored guest in Israel's prison system, Barghouti is treated like a superstar - allowed personal family privileges, permission to have meetings with all kinds of political leaders, and has even done television interviews right from jail stating, "I support the Palestinian intifada and the Palestinian resistace." So much for learning about peace in prison.
Now the piece de resistance, when he's not running the activities on the Fatah street from his cell (or cellphone), Marwan Barghouti has completed his doctorate in political science. said, "Barghouti, 50, is one of several hundred Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons who enroll in studies at universities around the world, including in Israel."Barghouti wrote a 341 page thesis " with the help of hundreds of books and documents that Israeli authorities allow inmates to bring into prison" for the University of Cairo. The topic: “The Legislative and Political Performance of the Palestinian Legislative Council and its Contribution to the Democratic Process in Palestine from 1996 to 2008.” No comment.
So, mazel tov to Marwan. A doctorate is a tremendous accomplishment.

In June, it's almost four years that Gilad Shalit has been in a Gazan prison – just enough time for him to complete his college studies. I wonder what university degree Gilad Shalit has attained. I'd like to wish him mazel tov too.

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