Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shepherds and Sheep

I awoke this morning to the humorous news that England had expelled an Israeli diplomat for the suspected improper use of English passports on the Dubai hit that successfully claimed the life of a mega-Hamas-terrorist.
What chutzpah!
Still, I found this news amusing for two reasons:
1) When Britain or any country sends its spies out to do a job, do they use passports from the United Hukamagama Islands? No, they use passports of whatever country they can forge at the time. (BTW, it hasn't even been proven that the Mossad assassinated the terrorist.)
2) The British are great in expressing righteous indignation on the killing of a terrorist, but when it came to terrorists murdering innocent Jews over the past century, they have been silent and worse, have turned their backs as terror hit...
In fact, how appropriate that today, just as England expells an Israeil diplomat for its possible connection to the Hamas terrorist's assassination, Israel announced the approval of 20 housing units at the former Shepherd Hotel in the Shimon HaTzaddik/Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.
That Hotel is right next to the British Consulate, and just above the scene of the 1948 massacre of 78 Jews and one Brit in a convoy on its way up to the Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital.
From inside the Consulate, the British diplomats surely heard the first bomb that went off on the mile and a half road up to Hadassah. And then they surely heard more of the attack right outside their windows. Unfortunately the British response was slow at best.
The memorial to the 79 Jews killed under the noses of the British is right outside the British Consulate.
Now, IY"H, a new building fill of live young vibrant Israel-devoted Jews will stand right next to that spot as well, a neighbor to the British Consulate and a symbol of the fact that despite the terror of some enemies and the indifference of others, the Jewish People will rise again and continue through eternity.
There's much more to say about this, but gotta run now. More to come.
Am Yisrael Chai.

BTW, I went to the Shepherd Hotel and Shimon HaTzaddik/Sheikh Jarrah.
I recently completed two out of three videos about Eastern Jerusalem. You can see them at and . Pressed for time...I had a deadline on the Passover Issue of VOICES Magazine, I didn't have time to complete the third of the series. I hope to do it later today.
That video is a much longer one and a bit more complex. It is the story of the Shepherd Hotel, the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood and the Arab protesters in Sheikh Jarrah.
Pop by later today to read/see the rest of my report.

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