Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like Thieves in the Night

The Israeli government seems to like the drama of entering Jewish areas and destroying homes and settlements and synagogues in the cover of darkness, like thieves in the night.
That's how they entered my town of Efrat this morning at 5 AM. With policemen and soldiers, the government's tractor destroyed the foundations of a synagogue in the very center of the community.
The Koresh synagogue was meant to provide prayer services for residents of Western Dekel, but right now the foundations of that shul like in ruins.
The media said that US Vice President Joe Biden was in a better mood today than he was yesterday after he found out that there would be a 1500-unit building project one day in Jerusalem's Ramat Shlomo neighborhood. The world went into a tremendous uproar when they realized that 1500 more Jewish families would call Jerusalem home. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But today, Biden is in a better mood. The Civil Administration and security forces destroyed some buildings in Gush Etzion's rural town of Bat Ayin and the synagogue foundation in central Efrat.
Mayor Oded Revivi told Voices that Efrat had applied for permission for the synagogue to be built, but the government has demonstrated clearly that it does not want synagogues, just as it does not want outposts or any other building in Judea and Samara, or Jerusalem for that matter.
I wrote about this issue only a few days ago,
Voices videoed the site of the destruction this morning, and spoke to Mayor Oded Revivi about the event. You can see it on VOICES TV .

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