Monday, March 15, 2010

Try G-d

It seems we have a crisis!! A crisis!!!! The president of the United States is unhappy with us, or more correct - he doesn't like us. The US Secretary of State is displeased with us. The US Envoy to the Middle East is insulted by our conduct. All American muckamucks seem to be disgruntled. Israel is so nervous that our government officials are having emergency meetings and press conferences and appointing special committees and subcommittees about the crissssssssis.
The State of Israel is 62 years old. In that time, we've put our trust in a whole slew of American presidents from Harry Truman to Richard Nixon and then Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton and George Bush. And what about the French? Like George Pompidou, Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chiraq, etc. etc.
Israel has leaned on all kinds of leaders from different countries, and it seems that the relationship has varied according to the whim of the particular leader. Remember when we were best friends with countries like Turkey?
Well, life turns on a dime, and international life turns on a euro (or whatever the coin is in China) nowadays. Israel has been told by just about every country in the world that it better tow the international line - give a state to the Arabs of Gaza and Judea and Samaria with Jerusalem as its capital, and stop building and developing Jewish life in areas beyond the "Green Line."
Even our good friends don't seem so good any more.
We've tried and failed with world leaders for 62 years, and we have lived from one crisis to another with country after country and with the United Nations too.
So, let me ask you...the world is against us. We feel like lepers. We're afraid of our shadows. We have no one upon whom we can rely. Why not try G-d? For thousands of years, the Jewish people have gone through crises and wars and cataclysmic events. One Being stood behind us and in front of us and above us. And that is the Leader of Leaders, the Master of the World.
Let's stop cowtowing to these so-called leaders of the world. And let's put our trust for once in the Leader of the World and see what happens.
Let's get Bibi to hold a press conference and say, "The State of Israel would like to announce that it is giving up its quest to make the world and its leaders happy with us. And from now on it is going to try to conduct itself in a way that makes the Master of the Universe happy with us."
And then, let's see what happens. I think it will be the beginning of Ultimate Good. How 'bout it?

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