Monday, March 8, 2010

Been Busy with Good Things

My apologies to anyone who's been to the blog or the VOICES website and hasn't found new uploads. I have been busy producing a show. It's called DAMES of the DANCE 3 - The 7 Days of CREATION, and I realized after drowning in both responsibilities that I'd better just finish the show and get back to real work!!
It's a dance extravaganza with more than 100 women. It tells the story of Creation.
Bli ayin hara, the dances are fabulous. The choreography is innovative and terrific.
The dancers are enthusiastic and full of life.
The show is B"H bli ayin hara a smash hit.
Sunday night was our first show. B"H, we sold every seat and the audience members were full of life. They were clapping and cheering and having the absolutely best time. Actually, there was more dancing backstage at times than there was in front of the curtain.
The best part of the evening was the unity of all the women and girls. We are from all parts of Gush Etzion and perform on all different dancing levels, but we are united in our desire to use our talents to raise money for Kimcha D'Pischa. That's a special fund that helps the needy buy food for the Passover Holiday.
Passover Expenses
On Passover, Jewish people change over their kitchens and all the food in them. Everyone is busy shopping for Kosher for Passover products that are ultimately more expensive than during the rest of the year.
These expenses are hard on everyone, but it is especially difficult for families that are having trouble making ends meet.
Our DAMES of the DANCE helps the local councils provide assistance vouchers for needy families. With these vouchers they can shop in local stores (helping local economy :) ) and buy what they need for the holidays.
There's More to Come
Last night's show was a WOW!!
IY"H, we're performing again on Thursday evening, March 11. That show is totally sold out to the rafters, thank G-d.
But if you don't have tickets yet, you're in luck. We're performing, IY"H, one last time on Monday, March 15, at a special Matinee in the Matnas of Efrat. Order your tickets here: , and then drop off a check to your local ticket seller so we can issue tickets for you.
Hope to see you all tapping your feet on March 15.

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