Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What are Achmed and Avi Thinking?

While I wasn't shocked at what he said, I was pretty shocked that during these days of preparation for a big Israel-Hamas-Fatah-US pow wow, a Hamas official last week admitted on TV that the genocide of the entire Jewish people is a Hamas plan and goal. Hmm, didn't this PA bigwig know that with the signing of the Hamas-Fatah partnership agreement, they're supposed to sit down with us for lunch (hummous will be served along side the sirloin) and good-humoredly wrangle over which part of the land they want?
I mean, Egypt just announced that they believe Hamas-Fatah is a real peace partner now. Unfortunately, shortly after Israel National News reported "Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar said Wednesday he rejected peace talks with Israel and that Hamas would not allow Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to pursue them. Last week al-Zahar said any peace agreement with Israel would be a prelude to war."
INN also reported that Yunis al Astal, a member of the Palestinian Authority parliament, said that "The [Jews] are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians and the Islamic nations behind them will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang." He continues that the Divine purpose of all Jews in returning to the land was "for the purpose of the great massacre." That would be a hard sell for Nefesh B'Nefesh.
Al Astal envisions the entire Middle East turning into the "United States of Islam."
But, news agencies the world over are saying that Arab revolutions throughout the Middle East are aimed at achieving democracies for their people!
Al Astal must not have listened to the news, because he says that all the Islamic nations are going to unite to annihilate the Jewish people and turn into the USI.
Thanks to MEMRI for translating this clip for all to see:
So, what do the Arabs really want? What do Jews want? What does the world want? What's going on?
I tried to find out by reading some polls today.
Near East Consulting conducted an opinion poll after last week's unity deal between Hamas and Fatah. Abdullah Abdullah, a senior Palestinian legislator and member of Fatah said, “No one in Fatah and Hamas movements recognizes Israel.”
Someone please show this to Bibi.
Perhaps the media feels that with the new H-F/F-H deal democracy is on the way for the PA and peace will soon follow on its heels. But the Near East Consulting poll shows that Arabs are not looking for democracy. Sorry to burst your bubble, President Obama. NEC found that 40% of respondents said that they believe that an Islamic caliphate is the best system for Palestinians. They seem to be on the same page as Al Astal's United States of Islam.
Moreover, when asked how the Arabs of the PA defined themselves, 57 percent said Muslim; 21 percent, Palestinian; 19 percent, human beings; and only 5 percent said Arab.
Sounds like the ground in the PA is ripe for an Islamic Brotherhood-Islamic Fundamentalist-Hamas type government.
What else is happening on the PA ground?

The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion PCPO, founded in February 1994 in Beit Sahour (next to IDF's famed Shdema Army base) by Dr. Nabil Kukali, had its own poll a few days ago, interviewing 950 adults. The poll showed that Arabs are thrilled with Fatah-Hamas unity. They're also ready for a third intifada (read: terror attacks), G-d forbid, if they don't get what they want in Israeli-Arab peace talks.
An interesting question by the PCPO read, “In case all efforts towards peace have collapsed, which of the following options are most probable to administer Palestinian affairs?” more than one-third 37.4% of Palestinians are for the dismantling the PA and holding the international community responsible for the legal vacuum that will arise [that is a giant surprise to me], whereas 24.7% are in favor of declaring a Palestinian state and escalating resistance, 34.6% for keeping the “ status quo” with developing new strategies to run Palestinian affairs, and 3.3% say “do not know”.
A majority 70.5% of Palestinians expect a break out of a third Intifada that will be similar to that of 1987 or that of Al-Aqsa one in case Israeli-Palestinian peace talks stumbled. However, 25.5% oppose its occurrence, whereas 4.0% abstain.
A few more polls.
More than 58% of Jerusalem Post readers said today that this week's Nakba Day protests prove that "Israel has no peace partner." I guess Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was not one of those questioned.

With all the riots, demonstrations and the latest PA unity plans, almost 90% of Arutz 7 readers told an A7 pollster that it's time to "stop talking about 'peace'.

One more tangential poll. (I think it was today's New York Times, but please forgive me if I made a mistake), Osama Ben Laden may have been taken out, but 77% of those questioned still believe that Al Qaeda is a top threat.

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