Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talented Women

The craftswomen and the performing women of the Gush Etzion Chutzot HaYotzeret variety show are talented in every way.Puppeteers, hat makers, goat cheeses from Sde Bar in Eastern Gush Etzion, cool baby gifts, homemade hand creams and perfumes.

Jewelry was plentiful and extra-specially nice by Miriam Fuld and by Rochie Horowitz.
There were photos by the talented photographer Nissan Konikov.

And inside the Gush Etzion Matnas, program director Sima Gal, welcomed wonderful performers.

Soloists, including the talented: Gayle Berman, Aviela Trapedo,

Avital Macales (accompanied at this show by her mother and noted pianist Esther Macales) as well as Shimona Gottlieb.

There were very funny comedy acts and the gentle and angelic Dalia HaCohen-Oriah's choir, and many other talented women.

Talented pianists thrilled the audience with their dazzling numbers.

There were exciting tap dancers (us :) Judy Kizer's Those Tappin' Dames) and a creative modern dancer as well.
The audience was lucky enough to see the very talented Chani Natura.

Adorably fun duo Linda Friedburg and Shimona Gottlieb wowed the crowd with an old-Yiddish-turned-Andrew Sisters song.

Every year Chutzot HaYotzeret gets bigger and better. Every year the number of talented women of Efrat/Gush Etzion grow and grow. The show gets better and more fun than ever! That's good for everyone!

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