Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be Generous to Your Own People!!

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said in Washington, "We'll be generous with the borders of the Palestinian State."

Why should we?

What are the Arabs generous with?

In fact, instead of the PM being generous to the Arabs, let him be generous to the Jewish people.

Instead of already agreeing to give up parts of the Judea and Samaria, why doesn't Israel demand that Jordan give up parts of its manufactured country? Jordan is Israel, so why should we give up land. Let them give up land.

Why doesn't Israel demand the southern part of Lebanon, part of Biblical Israel?

Instead of fighting not to return to the '67 Auschwitz borders, why doesn't Israel demand a return to Gaza, which became a terror state in our absence?

And even with his statement about being generous to a Palestinian State, PA officials say that with his speech, Bibi has made a declaration of war. What speech were they listening to?

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