Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Polls - This time Israeli Arabs

Today's Jerusalem Post article on a new poll of the world's Western leaders made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. But the tears are real, because the West is blinded by its own foolishness.
Jpost reports, "Opinion leaders in the US and Europe believe the mass protests of the Arab Spring are animated by a genuine desire for democracy and freedom, but they are skeptical about their prospects being achieved, according to an unusual poll that surveyed the view of leading figures in government, the media, law academia and non-government organizations.
About three quarters of the 343 opinion leaders surveyed said that anti-government protestors were motivated by 'democratic aspirations' rather than 'religious influence,' and shared the same democratic aspiration of other people around the world."
Are these people totally blind to reality!!!?? I'm not asking, I know they're blind to reality. They have created their own reality, and we, the Jewish People will chas v'shalom be the sacrifice of their worship on the altar of misplaced euphoria.

Yesterday I printed results of polls of Moslems are thinking lately:

Their responses didn't look too optimistic for co-existence between Israelis and Arabs. Okay, so that's the PA, but things must be better with Israeli Arabs, right? I mean, they live here; they are schooled here; they use Israeli hospitals and medical clinics; they even shop Rami Levi.
Now that's co-existence.
Well, Haifa University released an interesting poll today that even Haifa admits shows a "clear radicalization of Israeli Arabs."
The poll interviewed 700 Israeli Arabs, and was directed by Haifa University professor Sami Smooha on behalf of Haifa University's Jewish-Arab Center.
In 2003 81% of Israeli Arabs believed Israel had the right to exist. This year that number is down to 53.7%.
Just about every question in the poll showed that Arabs are moving away from co-existence and toward towing the Moslem line. Despite Holocaust education in all Israeli schools, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas seems to be winning out, because while 2006 results showed that only 28% of Israeli Arabs denied the Holocaust, today 40.5% say the Holocaust never occurred.
In 2003, 65.6% of Israeli Arabs said that Israel should be considered a Jewish State. Today 41% think Israel should be classified as a Jewish state.
Israel National News reported that the poll recorded over 62% saying that Israelis “are foreigners who do not fit in in this region, and they will eventually leave the country.” Another 71% said that “the Jews are primarily responsible for the 'nakba,' the term applied to the fleeing of the newly declared state of Israel by tens of thousands of Arabs in 1948."
Haifa University reported, "According to the latest data released by Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel's Jewish population stands at 5,593,000, or 75.5 percent of the population, and the Arab population is at 1,498,000, or 20.2 percent of the population."

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