Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Poll - Palestinian State?

Well, by now the world knows that US President Barak Obama has said that Israel must return to the "Auschwitz" 67 borders. So far, there has been no major address by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, although the PM has rejected a return to these Auschwitz borders.
Meanwhile, for the past few days, we've been talking about polls.

Here's today's poll by Do you agree with Obama's decision that a Palestinian State should be created on the 1967 borders of Israel.

89.31% of the 197,319 that responded, "No. Israel is our one true ally in the region, and we need to stand with them." 7.37% replied, "Yes, the current situation can't continue, and something needs to give." 2.18% said, "Not sure. I'm wondering whether Obama gave Israel the heads-up on this."

This afternoon a fox commentator mentioned that one of the US Presidential candidates said that Obama's speech was like taking America's ally and throwing it under a bus. The commentator added, "A bus full of suicide bombers."

He also noted that President Obama stated repeatedly that he wants the countries of the Middle East to have the right to self-determination, but he means all the countries, except Israel.

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  1. Those poll results only prove that if we were to say אין עמ מי לדבר there's nobody to talk to and our country would be endangered by an Arab terror state in our midst, people would accept it.