Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden - Of All People, Of All Days

As we ushered in Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day), United States President Barack Hussein Obama proudly announced, "The United States has conducted an operation that has killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, a terrorist who is responsible for murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children....Justice has been done."
Al Jazeera called it, "the largest manhunt in history ".
How ironic that Barack Obama, the US President that became closer than any other to Muslim dictators, is the one who ordered the final attack on Bin Laden.
Last year, I wrote a blog, "Divine Retribution or G-d's Sense of Humor," Well, perhaps there is no greater example of this than in Obama killing Osama, and announcing it, of all days, on Holocaust Memorial Day.
Islamic Terrorism and the Holocaust
Bin Laden's death brought to my mind the death of Adolph Hitler, yimach shmo on April 30, 1945 - 17 Iyar 5707 - only two weeks from now on the Hebrew calendar. America is in possession of Bin Laden's body, but Hitler made sure to have himself cremated, so that he shouldn't be hung out to dry and humiliated like Haman or Mussolini.
President Obama told the world that memories of the [Islamic - although Obama makes sure never to say Islamic] terror of 9/11 and the murder of 3,000 citizens in the World Trade Towers are "seared in our national memory." He said that Americans still suffer from "the empty seat at the dinner table, children who were forced to grow up without their mother or their father, parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace."
His words made me envision those Holocaust survivors (many of whom spoke to audiences around the world last night) who lost their loved ones to Nazi terror - children without parents, parents without children, families scarred forever.
That G-d chose Obama to bring the end of Osama surely has more significance than we can know now. America's ten year manhunt for Osama was meant to bring justice to America and fight terror.
He made sure to tell Moslems around the world, "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass-murderer." How ironic (but what a terrifying idea) it would be if Obama himself, who is trying to convince everyone of Islam's peaceful nature, has just activated, chas v'shalom, a new more intensified wave of Islamic terror, and thereby forces America into a real war against Islam. Fuw, I have chills from the thought. Sounds a bit like the End of Days scenario without the Twilight Zone soundtrack.

More Bin Laden/US Ironies
President Obama said that "Today's achievement is a tribute to the greatness of our country..."
How ironic that the USA was forced to kill the Frankenstein that America itself had created.
Bin Laden raised funds for the Afghan war against the Russians, and was supported by America's Central Intelligence Agency. He was backed by the US until he began opposing America's involvement in Arab countries during George Bush I's first Gulf War.
Al Jazeera stated, "He declared war against the very United States which had spent billions of dollars bankrolling the Afghan resistance in which he had fought."
Although Americans are dancing in the street today and excitedly screaming, "USA, USA," (as if they just won the global superbowl), the killing of Bin Laden is not a game and America's troubles are not over. In fact, they may just have begun. Senator John McCain said, "While we take heart in the news that Osama bin Laden is dead, we must be mindful that al-Qaeda and its terrorist allies are still lethal and determined enemies, and we must remain vigilant to defeat them.” Yes, there are Al Qaeda operatives in just about every country across the globe, and they have proven very capable of turning the hearts and minds of Islams and non-Islams alike to their ideology.
Al Jazeera warned that America still remains vulnerable to radical Isalm, "as death could make him [Bin Laden] an even more powerful motivator for his supporters."
President Obama ended his talk with "G-d bless America."
I will end my words with "G-d bless Am Yisrael and all its friends in the Free World."

FYI: The New York Times obituary of Bin Laden is thrilling. It reads like a spy novel:

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